AI invigilated

online exams


multi purpose

Our exam platform provides many types of assessment in almost all common subjects. Even particular subjects like music theory is possible with our advanced notation editor.


All data is stored and processed on our own servers in a highly secured datacenter. We do not share any data with 3rd parties. Your privacy is our top priority.


No matter how many small or large groups of candidates take their exams. Our platform is fully scalable and can be tailored to your requirements.


  • online exam platform without any additional software required
  • clean and easy to use candidate dashboard
  • works with all common modern web browsers

question types

  • multiple choice
  • fill in the gaps
  • select options
  • freely written text
  • exact matches
  • true / false
  • and much more

advanced features

  • automated grading
  • detailed reports and statistics
  • bulk candidate enrollment
  • on-demand exam generation
  • anti-cheating mechanisms


Artificial Intelligence

Candidates are monitored by our AI Invigilation System.

This is a world first proctoring solution using real artificial intelligence with an unique neural network and exclusively trained models to analyse the candidates’ activities and to detect attempts of cheating, not permitted objects or suspicious behaviours.

Unlike other solutions, we do not use external services or share any data with third parties.

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